Nonprofit Professional Employees Union

About NPEU


We’re Strengthening Our Nonprofits


We are the union for nonprofit professionals.

Joining with NPEU, the Nonprofit Professional Employees Union, allows nonprofit professionals to enhance their nonprofit organizations by strengthening their voice in the workplace. In their respective nonprofit organizations, our members have established standards for fair and equal treatment of nonprofit professionals by negotiating contracts that improved pay, benefits, and working conditions.

We understand nonprofit workplaces.

As a union of over a dozen nonprofit organizations, we understand that nonprofits are uniquely mission-driven and have specific financial concerns. We know from experience that by joining together nonprofit professionals can enhance the work of their organization by negotiating a contract that best fits the needs of employees, management, and the organization’s mission.

We want to make our nonprofits better.

We strongly support the missions of our nonprofits and want our organizations to thrive. By coming together, we are able to ensure we have the necessary resources for our organizations to be successful. Our negotiated contracts put in place a process for workplace collaboration which creates better, productive nonprofit organizations.


Our Structure

Our union, is run by and for us—the NPEU members.  We are governed by an executive board made up of our volunteer members, which we elect. The executive board, in turn, runs and manages our union's operations and budget.

Beyond our executive board, we have various committees filled with elected and volunteer members to tackle various projects and issues, like our budget, negotiations, and organizing.


NPEU Executive Board



Alan Barber

Vice President of Stewards

Kevin Lin

Vice President of Organizing

Jake Johnston

Vice President of Communications

Kayla Blado


Jessica Schieder

 Executive board members (from left to right) Jessica Schieder, Alan Barber, Jake Johnston, Kayla Blado, not pictured Kevin Lin

Executive board members (from left to right) Jessica Schieder, Alan Barber, Jake Johnston, Kayla Blado, not pictured Kevin Lin

Unit Representatives

Center for American Progress (CAP)

Lea Hunter

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities


Center for Community Change (CCC)

Tony Nam

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)

Kevin Cashman

Cleveland ACTS

Nathan Malachowski

DC Jobs with Justice (DCJwJ)

Sequnely Gray

Economic Policy Institute (EPI)

Jessica Schieder

International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF)

Sarah Newell

Many Languages One Voice (MLOV)



Deborah Lewis

United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS)

Troy Neves

Worker Rights Consortium (WRC)

Chelsea Rudman




The Nonprofit Professional Employees Union (NPEU), IFPTE Local 70 is an affiliated local union of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE), AFL-CIO and CLC.




IFPTE is a nonprofit, employee-based organization, made up of autonomous local affiliates in the U.S. and Canada. IFPTE advocates on behalf of more than 80,000 women and men in professional and technical occupations. Those occupations are primarily professional, including all engineering disciplines, a wide variety of scientific and research professions, lawyers and administrative judges, economists, environmental officers, and urban planners, among others, all within the private, public, and federal sectors. As such, they are lovingly known as the geeks of the labor movement.

Here are examples of a few other affiliates of IFPTE:

NPEU - IFPTE Local 70


NPEU, IFPTE Local 70 was formed in 1998 after a group of nonprofit employees at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) contacted IFPTE about creating a union. 

IFPTE has been a great resource over the years, providing us with best practices, legal and organizing support, and guidance on a variety of issues. They also provide us access to a network of other organized professionals in related fields and occupations.