Organized Non-Profit Employees Make for Better Non-Profits


A union is not simply about having a contract; it's about changing the dynamics of the workplace. With a union, employees not only have a voice, they have the responsibility of using that voice to create a better working environment. Thus, the organizing drive does not end with unionization or getting a contract. Organizing ourselves is a way of life. It is the ongoing effort before and after contracts are negotiated that gives life to our local, labor, and other social movements and indeed to the contracts themselves. A staff that communicates and organizes well amongst themselves is a staff more prepared to deal effectively with a whole range of issues -- from changes in the size of the organization to workplace democracy and diversity issues to the everyday and long-term work of the organization.

Understanding of Non-Profit Workplaces

Being an amalgamated union of the employees of several D.C.-area non-profit organizations, we understand that non-profits have specific needs and unique characteristics that demand special attention. There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to organizing and collective bargaining. We believe that unions can enhance the work of non-profits by making them more functional organizations with contracts that best fit the needs of both employees, management, and the missions of our organizations.

Progressive Politics

The organizations where we work are undoubtedly progressive. The reason why we work for them is because we strongly support their missions. By being members of the same union, we create opportunities to discuss progressive politics as well as issues specific to our workplaces. Whether it’s related to external issues likes policy positions, activism strategies, and research methods or internal issues like professional development, grievance procedures, and decision making, Local 70 enables employees of progressive organizations to network and talk with like-minded individuals concerned about the same issues.